Home Design Site Helps Inspire Young Architects

  • SumoMe

When you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, their answers can be silly or real and make you wonder what these kids will really end up doing. They might aspire to be a ballerina, an actor, an astronaut, or a baker. Some want to be teachers or doctors, or whatever it is they see their parents or other adults doing. Then, of course, there are those that want to grow to own their own video game store, candy store, toy store – anywhere they can get all the video games/candy/toys they want.

One career that many young people aspire to is architecture, for a number of reasons. Some like the idea of seeing a building they designed rising high in a cityscape, or a house they designed becoming a home to a family. Others like the opportunity to use their creativity to help others. And some enjoy envisioning the perfect place to house art, music or theatrical performances, animals, or other creative enterprises.

Encouraging children from an early age to go into a good career – especially a career they’ll love doing – can help them know which classes to take in high school and lead them to a good trade school, college, or university. There are a lot of things that parents, guardians, and teachers can do to encourage kids, and the Internet has become a great way to find some of these.

For young people aspiring to become an architect, there’s a great website that can help show them the ropes and become excited and inspired for what they could design in the future. Architectstudio3d.org is a part of the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust, and not only shows the steps of designing a house, but offers a number of very valuable tips on each stage as you go.

When visitors to the site enter the design studio (which is all free), they start out by choosing a client for whom they will be designing the house. There’s a found-object artist, a senator, several different teenagers, and a video game designer, among others, to choose from. Each client has different likes and needs that need to be taken into consideration when designing a house.

The next step is to choose a location based on the client’s needs (urban, riverside, oceanfront, etc), and then pick a floor plan, the house height, exterior materials (shingle, clapboard, brick, etc) and a roof. Once the basics are chosen, the fun really begins with the design of the inside of the house. The rooms are laid out, walls are drawn in, wall coverings and floors are chosen, and then openings (doors and windows) are added. There are several different styles of doors and windows to choose from, many of which are inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs.

After the house basics are laid out, aspiring designers add all of the final interior elements – furniture (much of which is, again, Wright-designed), lighting, kitchen and bathroom sets, even exercise equipment and a hot tub. Then they move to the exterior – landscaping, including trees, bushes and potted plants, and, of course, a pool can all be added.

One of the coolest elements of the site is the final step of the house design – taking a 3D tour of the house. Using arrow keys, designers can travel through the house, going through doors from room to room, looking out windows, and exploring the exterior landscape as well. There’s even ambient noise (birds, waves crashing, river rushing by) to make you feel like you’re really there in the space. Designs can be saved, too, so designers can go back later to change or add things, or just show them off to others.

Programs like this are a great way to introduce children to their potential careers at a young age. (Plus, let’s be honest, they’re fun for adults, too!) Helping kids become excited about a variety of careers from a young age will help get them on the right path so they can get a jump-start when it comes time to make college decisions in high school and after. And for aspiring architects, The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust’s home design site is the perfect place to start on a promising career path.